I, Claudius: An Epic of Disaster

Written by Vince Freeman Claudius, fourth emperor of the Roman Empire and considered a fool by nearly everyone, was the ultimate underdog. Near the end of his life he wrote an extensive history of his family and their reign over the known world, unfortunately, it was lost to time and never found. Robert Graves, a […]

Requiem for a Heavyweight

Written by Vince Freeman Film, more than any other medium, has the power to move people by showcasing the struggle of the human condition. Heartfelt stories about authentic characters who confront harsh realities brought on by their own poor choices tend to have the most impact on an audience. There is no better example of […]

The Gambler: A Losing Proposition

Written by Vince Freeman If you have ever thought that it would be impossible to combine bleak, Russian introspective philosophy with a noir thriller, THE GAMBLER has proven you right. However, if you like movies that take themselves very seriously and have a plethora of expository, pedantic dialogue that discusses the value of one weak […]

Star Trek: Beyond but Not Even Close

Written by Vince Freeman 2016 was the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek series airing on television, introducing America and the world to Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the future. The release of STAR TREK BEYOND, third in the rebooted movie series, was set to coincide with this landmark event. Countless fans, as well as […]