Top 5 Films of 2016

In a yet another year overrun with prequels, sequels, and big-budget superhero movies for kids, seemingly the only directors given a chance to make films that embody the CineArtistry motto of bold, audacious, and personal filmmaking were legacy directors who have already proven themselves time and time again. Fortunately, it just so happens that the […]

Showcase Review: I LIVE FOR YOU

Intimacy has its pros, cons, shapes, sizes, and forms.  Everyone has had a special, indescribable connection to another person.  The best ones leave us speechless.  They leave us ready to take on the world, knowing that there will be someone on the journey every step of the way.   Unfortunately, though, with intimacy comes a […]

Showcase Review: BIRDS OF NEPTUNE

BIRDS OF NEPTUNE is currently streaming on Amazon Prime: A common complaint of modern films is the lack of a soul. Sequels, remakes, and franchise films don’t have them. Even most indie films don’t have them. One might ask what is a film’s “soul” anyway? It’s the underlying theme and emotional throughline of a film. […]